For the Blog*

As part of our year-long commemoration of 40 years of the Southeast Asian American experience, we are launching a 40 & Forward blog to reflect on our past and explore our future through stories, photography, poetry, and historical analysis. Submission may include:

  • Family stories of war, displacement, migration, resettlement, and integration
  • Family photos, with captions
  • Poetry and visual art
  • Historical analysis of the Southeast Asian American experience

*500 word limit. Blog submissions will be reviewed for compelling visual and written narratives. SEARAC reserves the discretion to post blog submissions that best reflect the theme of 40 & Forward. 

For the Slideshow and Printed Materials

We are also seeking images in digital or print format to showcase in a slideshow, our website, and other printed materials that speak to the development of the Southeast Asian American community since 1975, to highlight individual and community resilience, and achievements across the U.S.  This could include the following:

  • Personal photos from the refugee camps or early resettlement
  • Photos about integration in the United States, like naturalization ceremonies and family reunification
  • News clippings or pictures of significant local events, such as:
    • The opening of a Southeast Asian American business or the building of a community center
    • Any kind of honors given to community members or professionals
    • Community organizing activities or protests that challenged policies impacting refugees/immigrants
    • The first Southeast Asian American leader in the field of _____
    • Innovators/inventors

Submission Guidelines

For each photo submitted, please include as much of the following information as possible so that we can properly credit the author, artist, or photographer and accurately share your stories:

Full name
Date when the submitted work was created
Name(s) of individual(s) in photos
Place where photo was taken
Brief descriptions

Complete the media release form

Preferred digital photo size: 1024 pixels (L) x 768 (W) pixels (8 in x 10 in at 96 dpi).  Don’t worry if you’re not sure how to size the image.

Email digital photos to:
Subject: Submission


Send a CD/DVD or prints to:
40 & Forward / submission

1628 16th Street NW, 3rd Floor
Washington, DC  20009